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Your safari is likely to be the lynchpin of your African holiday.

And for very good reason.

Viewing the magnificent animals of the African bushveld is an experience that will move you in some visceral way.

Sitting in an open-topped 4×4 vehicle in the company of your accredited and enthusiastic game ranger, and his uncannily skilled “tracker” watching wildlife at close quarters is quite simply unforgettable.

You can also walk in the bush (with armed game rangers), you can assist in game capture activities, you can collaborate on game and bird counts and other scientific activities, sleep under the stars in the middle of the bushveld – if you dare!  Of course there will be support staff within earshot!

After each game drive, or walk, you will always return to your safari lodge, camp or tented accommodation to reconvene around an open fire and exchange stories of your day in the bush with other like -minded visitors.

Story-telling is very much part of the safari experience and some of the stories you’re likely to hear are sure to raise goosebumps.

Being there is where you need to be.

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