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Flora, Flowers, Fynbos…

The southern subcontinent of Africa is a floral paradise. There are over 18 500 different species of flowering plants from tall trees to tiny succulents.

The floral diversity is astounding and it is possible to see many of these species easily while exploring the various regions.

From the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on the slopes of Table Mountain to the mysterious baobabs of central Madagascar, there is an abundance of flora to be seen.

Spring in Sub Saharan Africa will see vast tracts of sandy, apparently lifeless spaces transformed into riotous colour.

The desert sands of Namibia and the Kalahari also transform with the first rains. From dry arid flatlands spring abundant flowers, colour and new life.

Each geographical zone transforms with the coming of spring – it’s a true re-awakening and a wonderful time to travel to Africa.

From the wild flower carpets of the West coast of the Cape to the wide savannah of east Africa and across to the far flung Indian ocean islands, there are abundant plant species to admire and enjoy.

Private garden viewings and arboretum are also on the floral agenda.  So if that is what you’re after, we can take you there with one of our marvellous private guides who know a thing or two about flowers.

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