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South Africa

South Africa has often been called a world in one country- and indeed it is. Covering the entire southern tip of the continent of Africa and including a vast coastline, the country is made up of many different biospheres. It is within easy reach of Europe, the UK and America with an excellent network of flight connections to the main hub of Johannesburg. Once you arrive, it is possible to have a sophisticated and diverse holiday in a country where English is the main language of communication.

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The magnificent Victoria Falls, a world heritage site, and Hwange National Park, famous for vast herds of African elephant, both belong in Zimbabwe. The country has a well-developed tourism infrastructure and many magnificent wilderness areas to visit. It is also the mecca for  a multitude of extreme outdoor activities making the country a magnet for young travellers (although visitors of all ages are welcome of course).


With its tiny population and vast land mass, the country is amongst other things, a photographers dream. Dramatic scenery across dunes, coastlines and the vast Etosha saltpans, make Namibia one of the most unusual countries in the sub-saharan continent. Distances are vast and its always best to get around in small light aircraft in order to use your precious time most efficiently.


This east African country is the home of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro as well as the iconic Serengeti National Park. The country abounds with unfenced wilderness areas and vast herds of plains game roaming free and parallel to local inhabitants. It must be mentioned that the annual migration occurs on its northern boundary and the Ngorongoro Crater Game Reserve is a natural game park formed on the site of an extinct volcano. The island destination of Zanzibar is also part of Tanzania and a fabulous place to end your safari. This makes a perfect combination of bush and beach.


One of the most recognised and much visited safari destinations, Kenya offers a broad range of safari experiences as well as the migration on the Mara River. There are many less well-known game areas to explore as well as much cultural diversity in the country. The Kenyan coastline is also a destination for laid-back beach holidays on the warm Indian Ocean coastline. The fishing off the coast is also excellent as well as all other beach pursuits.


After many unsettled years, Mozambique is fast becoming an “it” destination. The spectacular coastline and pristine islands are attracting the sophisticated traveller looking for peace and complete privacy in a tropical island setting. The necklace of islands just off the coast are easily accessible by boat or helicopter, and once you are there, you are in your own private paradise.


It’s called the warm heart of Africa and for every good reason. The delightful people of Malawi cannot wait to introduce you to their wild spaces and in particular, Lake Malawi, a UNESCO world heritage site. The game reserves of Malawi are wilder, remoter and very well worth making the effort to visit.


The land-locked country of Botswana is best known for the beautiful and pristine Okavango Delta. This jewel of a vast wilderness reserve offers low-impact tourism and a strict limit on numbers of visitors. This means it is essential to plan far ahead to ensure that you visit the places that are your first choice.It is a special privilege to visit the Delta and enjoy one of the most exclusive safari experiences on earth.


The country of Rwanda recalls an immediate association with gorillas. It has established itself as the “go to” destination for gorilla trekking in the vast untouched forests of the Rwandan highlands. This small country prides itself of its efficiency, cleanliness and absolute determination to protect the highly endangered mountain gorillas. By visiting the country, you will be helping ensure their safety and survival.


Zambia is best known as the country where the walking safari began but of course, it is possible to enjoy game drives as well when visiting when you are there. From the far northern Busanga Plains area (still remote and with very low visitor numbers), to the North and South Luangwa, and the Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia offers old-style authentic African safaris.


This country has a river running through it, and that river is the River Nile. Could any name be more evocative of the great wonderment of the African continent? Uganda is growing a fine reputation for its exquisite landscapes, rivers, lakes and of course wilderness areas. Birding in Uganda is stratospheric and a must visit destination for anyone of the birding persuasion.


The world’s largest island, Madagascar is home to many exotic, amazing and endemic species from lemurs to chameleons and many more in between. Many of these species have evolved in their own space over time.  Confined to the island means they have become true endemics thereby creating one of the most fascinating wildlife destinations in Africa. The extensive coastline is also ideal for castaway type sailing, scuba, snorkelling and more.

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